Saturday, March 08, 2008

Virgina Plat House - windows in

The windows have been delvered and installed at the Virginia Plat House. Closed in, if not completely weather tight, they are in the clear to begin HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work inside. You might notice that the windows are green (as in color, not sustainability). Nothing remarkable, but these are Andersen 400 series windows. Since like the beginning of time these windows were available in only 3 colors - white, tan, dark brown. Bleah! Nothing wrong with those colors, but Andersen offered no options for using the windows to introduce some color into your house. Meanwhile other manufacturers have been expanding their color offerings. I don't know if Andersen is experiencing competitive pressure because of this, but they have started offering a dark green now as one of their standards. Its a great thing, especially if you want to use a different color for the operable windows as the house designs show in our illustrations. There are three more photos of the house with the windows installed posted at the flickr set for this project. Also remember to look at the LamiDesign Flickr photo pool to see all the photos from customers documenting the house designs under construction.

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