Thursday, November 15, 2007

An inspiring photo blog

I got an email last week from a reader and LiveModern member who built his own house taking inspiration from the info he gathered online. I thought man - that's what its all about. A lot of effort no doubt, but he was inspired to build himself the kind of house that he envisioned his family living their life in. Now not everybody is going to have the time, where-with-all, and nerve to build out the bulk of their house themselves, or even design it. Well, that's why there are house plans. There are people whose skills, time, budget only allow a certain amount of DIY, and that's fine. What we need are the tools, whether it be info online or affordable house designs, that allow people to successfully complete a project. And the more that is done, the more likely it is that builders and developers are going to sit up and notice that there is a burgeoning market right under their noses. His note: Hi Greg, Actually we have never met and I've never emailed you before. Nonetheless I have been all through the lamidesign webpage and have read many of your posts on livemodern. The information I gathered was both very helpful and inspirational as I designed and helped build our small house in Logan, Utah. Some shots of the house are at Thanks for all you do out there! Check out his link and see his great house! Post about it here - he will be reading!

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  1. that house is very inspirational! for never having designed anything, that guy shows real talent. thanks for sharing!


  2. Makes my want to go buy a bunch of beer and build a house. Fantastic job! The landscaping is really impressive as well.

  3. Any chance we can get some more information on the products used for this? I am designing a house with a lot of similar concepts, and the owner loves this place. In particular the windows are what we are looking for. Please forward my info on if you can.


  4. Well you can ask him yourself. He posted info about the house to the following forum topic at LiveModern:

    He is reading and responding to the discussion there so dive right in.