Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Common Pond Plat House - introduction

Common Pond is a 15 home community northwest of Atlanta that is being built out exclusively with environmentally minded modern contemporary homes. It is also the first small developer to adopt, promote, and sell one of our stock home plans. Dixon Gary Realty, the developer of Common Pond, contacted us in the spring and acquired Design Prints which they used as a sales tool to show the Plat House to potential customers. They already had a wide offering of great house designs by architects Greg Walker and Hank Houser but the Plat House offered a smaller plan design that they thought might appeal to their market. By the beginning of the summer they had a buyer for a Plat House on one of their lots. The subdivision plan shows the arrangement of the sites. The Plat House is heading for lot 6 which overlooks the pond that gives the project its name. The house will be located on the slope approximately 125 ft from the lot line that borders the community common space around the pond. I'm quite sure the window and deck side of the house will be oriented towards this view and it should be a great setting. and the approach to the site: The clearing of the building site will begin soon. The developer and the owners have decided to construct this Plat House with SIPs panels to increase its energy efficiency and support the overall development goals of Common Pond. The SIPs manufacturer is working on the adaptation now. I'm excited to see this variation on the standard construction and look forward to seeing it come together here. Common Pond is one of the few new modern communities I know of in the eastern half of the country. I've not seen any others that were built out as far as Common Pond is and I've seen no other modern development with the environmental mission that Common Pond has. Its great to see their success and I'm very happy that one of our home designs will become part of this community. Visit these sites for more information: Common Pond Home Dixon Gary Realty

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  1. Hi Greg -

    I was out last week shooting a couple of the other houses and walked through yours with Gary. It's looking good - glad to have some other people 'playing in the sandbox', so to speak.

    Greg Walker

  2. Thanks Greg, that's good to hear, especially since I won't have a chance to visit during construction. I love your houses at Common Pond. The Plat House will be in good company for sure.