Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a material and product resource blog

My friend Justin, who many of you may know as ModernLover at several of the busy modern housing and prefab messageboards, has always been an incredible source of material and product knowledge. As a remodeling contractor for many years he's had his hands in everything, and the son of a resource librarian for a large design firm, he's also had a pulse on what is coming down the road. Well, he's finally put it all together in an awesome blog called Materialicio.us. It's not officially launched yet, but Justin is filling out the starting content at an amazing pace - spilling his guts as the saying goes. Downloading a big chunk of his knowledge and resources every day. Its going to be a great resource for us all. Thanks Justin.

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  1. Oh, man, Greg! I'm so flattered I'm blushin' over here! Thanks for the good words.

  2. You are welcome. Keep doing what you're doing!