Tuesday, November 30, 2004

0242 Plat House in Atomic Ranch Mag

Atomic Ranch Magazine covers our house plans. Atomic Ranch Magazine ran a piece on our modern stock plans in the Cool Stuff section of the Winter 2004 issue, pg 14. They tend to highlight products of their advertisers here, which we are (pg 49), but we are always grateful for some coverage that helps us reach more people. The piece features an image of the 0242 Plat House exterior and a smaller inset of the interior. They had interviewed me about the plans and I am very happy that they really captured the intent and positioning of the house plans as a product. Now if I could only adjust the color of my graphics for print I would be set. When going from RGB images to CMYK the saturation of all the colors seems to get so high the images end up looking like some technicolor kodachrome throw-back. Maybe thats ok for Atomic Ranch?

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