Friday, April 02, 2004

Steel Case House mods on the boards

I am currently working on several variations on the Steel Case House. Mods to the 0357 Steel Case House is the focus of our current efforts. Why would that be? This design is supposed to be complete? Well we are creating several variations on the house, not changing the design of the plan, but creating variations on the construction materials and methods. In the works right now is an all Metal version of the house. All wood products contained in the original design are being substitured with standarized metal products. Metal siding from industrial applications in place of lap siding panels, metal deck with a concrete slab in place of the wood planks, and a highly insulated framed wall with deep rib metal siding will be replacing the concrete block wall which is prominant in the original design. Here is a small snip from the construction prints which will give you an idea of how these changes will appear. more info on this, and the other mods, yes there is more than one, will come as the renderings are prepared.

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