Friday, April 09, 2004

Steel Case House mods - another preview

A view of the more or less complete modifications. There are just a few items that I need to revise and the model will be complete for generating the renderings. But more or less, there it is - the Steel Case House in its new all metal clothes! I have decided to show the overhang braces in this version as they will be required almost anywhere that has any snow load. I am quite pleased with the transformation and what light it sheds on the design. One of the goals of my own design brief for these stock plans is to create house designs that can stand up to personalization, execution in a variety of materials without losing their integrity. I think this redressing speaks to that. The original for comparison. I am not going to be showing too much more now till it appears on the lamidesign site in the plan catalog. If this metal version connects with you let us know about it. I am trying to gauge how people feel about it while we work on making it available. Shoot us an email at

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