Monday, July 11, 2016

1204 RoHouse inside the longitudinal plan

In our last few posts we looked inside the transverse plan, but now its time to look at the inside of the other RoHouse plan, the longitudinal plan. It does not share the split level of the transverse plan, all of the longitudinal plan is on the same level. So access to the rear court is ready for you, and this design uses a different strategy for distancing the living space from the street. In this case the workspace of the kitchen forms the buffer between the street and the living space. So the bulk of the floor plan is made of of this great open plan living and dining space with the stair at the rear rising to the middle of the second floor, and out front the kitchen and vestibule sheltering the living space from the activity of the street. A very different solution than the live-in kitchen of the other plan, but just as strong.

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