Tuesday, July 19, 2016

0857 L House entry foyer

Here is a look at the front entry hall of the L House. It not unusual for a traditional house to have the stair right there in the front entry hall. This was traditionally a matter of efficiency and practicality. The stair has to go somewhere, so it makes sense for it to share space with an entry hall, a room that otherwise does not get used that much. But its more recently become a way to show off, the bigger and more elaborate the stair the better. But when we make a modern house here we like to leave most of that baggage behind. The stair and the entry foyer do live well together and complement each other. At the same time I don't relish walking through my foyer on the way to my kitchen in the morning. But is possible for the two spaces to be together and benefit from each others space and light, without the awkward parts, like the L House does here!

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