Friday, April 29, 2016

1204 RoHouse the plan with a plan

So we spent some time reviewing the three configurations for the RoHouse family of house designs: the Twin Home, the Urban Infill, and the Suburban Townhouse. Now we need to go inside and look at the two floor plan configurations. For all three RoHouse configurations there are two floor plan options - the Transverse Stair which goes side to side, and the Longitudinal Stair which hugs the side wall. This is the view from the entry of the Transverse Stair plan, which includes a split level between the front living room and the back kitchen and dining area. We are able to make this bi-level plan because the Transverse Stair plan includes a front stoop that takes you up a few steps, all the better to get your front window a little above the sidewalk right outside.

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