Monday, February 22, 2016

0862 XHouse1 an overview

Lets look again inside the XHouse1's terraced open plan living space. From this standpoint in the kitchen we look past the dining area into the living room below. Half the living room is in the high two story space, half under an ordinary ceiling height for a more intimate scale sitting area. Right of the living room is the entry foyer and the home office space directly off the foyer. Back in the kitchen on the right we see the steps up to the bedroom level, and the hallway/balcony that runs along the living space. At the end of the hall are the steps up to the master bedroom. At this point the master bedroom is a full story above the living room below, and a story and a half above the entry foyer. If you've been keep score you'd have figured out that this means the home office indeed has a story and a half tall space. A cool space, and just part of the story of the way this house unfolds for you.

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