Thursday, February 11, 2016

0357 Steel Case House inspired by the Case Study House 8

There it is - we've said it. The Steel Case House is inspired by the legendary Case Study House #8 designed by design leggings Ray and Charles Eames. The Case Study houses held the promise of a future of modern houses, an optimistic view of the future unhinged from all the presumptions and baggage about what a house should be like. The Eames house for its part was fabricated out of an assortment of catalog parts made for industrial buildings - warehouse window sash, lightweight steel truss joists, and a factory made spiral stair, all put together in an elegant way into s simple steel box of a house. Unfortunately as we know, the dreams of the Case Study Houses did not play out the way they hoped, but they were and remain a huge influence on modern housing today. For the Steel Case House we took away more than the open spaces and steel aesthetic. The Steel Case is designed to be put together from standard off the shelf parts. While a steel house will never be as inexpensive as a typical wood framed house, the ability to use common products such as windows and siding allows you to control your budget.

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