Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year!

As construction activity returned 2015 was a busy year, but it only marked the return to interest in house plans. This is why things have been so quiet on the blog. While we were very busy all year there has been little customer construction activity.

The last construction activity we reported on was the Pennsylvania Plat House. The house is now occupied while the Owner puts on the finishing touches, but we have not received any new photos to post.

While the construction front has gone quiet, we’ve delivered modified Construction Prints for a new Plat House in Michigan this year which should begin in 2016. And other Design Print customers from Michigan seem close to making a start, suddenly making Michigan into a Modern House Plan hot spot.

But the remarkable thing is a clear return to interest - questions and emails from site visitors, and a parallel rise in web traffic indicates that people are once again feeling confident enough to begin to plan a project. We also see rising interest in our Builder Portal on the site and we are hoping that 2016 sees our first builder/developer partners adopting modern as a focus in their local markets.

So for this coming year look forward to images from Michigan to begin, and with some luck an update from Pennsylvania, and news of new customers, maybe you?

In the meantime we are going to begin sharing a new series of illustrations of our designs that we have been creating over the second half of 2015. These images are made from our existing 3d models and use a simple ray-tracing rendering application to create a new visualization of our house designs. These are less sketch like, and while not photo like, they have more atmosphere and a more natural sense of light. We hope you will enjoy them and take it as an opportunity to get to know our house designs all over again.

Here is to a good New Year for all of you, and good things to come!

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