Thursday, January 14, 2016

0518 U House a country retreat with a private courtyard

The U House is everything you want in a country home. You've found a beautiful site, it has a beautiful view that you want to enjoy every moment you spend there. You want a deck or outdoor space to enjoy the view and you want that outdoor space to easy to reach so it can take part in the life of the house. And you want the bedrooms to have a good shot at the good stuff too - not shoved in the back of the house away from the view. Here the bedrooms are like welcoming arms hugging the view, framing the courtyard and giving you some privacy and shelter from unwelcome elements as well.


  1. Greg, to your knowledge has anyone built a U-House?

    1. To date there's been two Construction Print customers, but no contact after getting plans. No idea if they've built or not.