Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Arkansas Plat House - occupied and buttoned down for polar vortex

The New Arkansas Plat House Owner has been in the house for a little while now, just in time for the polar air mass that descended on the nation in January 2014.


The interior work is completed but for a small punch list. And the exterior is done, except for the last of the screened in porch, and the landscaping remains in post-construction form. But it has definitely moved from construction site, to owner occupancy, and we are very happy for the owner.

NE corner

As temperatures in the middle of the country dipped into the negatives while a polar air mass swooped into the mid-west, the New Arkansas Plat House Owner remarked on Facebook: At least I have a solar passive house.. except when the sun goes down...

But perhaps the most gratifying comment by the owner was this one: There is just something special about waking up at 3am to see the stars twinkling though the clelestory windows. Just Orion saying hello!

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