Thursday, August 12, 2010

0751 RS House - more progress

This kitchen cabinets are moving along, and out in the front yard the dirt is on the move to make room for the septic field.

For more current photos, follow the link below.

Get the flash player here:


  1. FYI - The link to more pics is not showing up in RSS feeds and it's not clear we need to come to the actual blog to see them. Nice progress on the project!

  2. The "link below" only shows up on the main page of the blog - an element of the continued post hack I've always used to split posts in Blogger. It won't show up in the Feed which shows the whole post.

    Hopefully at some point Blogger will introduce this feature. They only recently introduced Pages so you can build a site much as you do in WordPress. Comment management tools are also severely lacking here. On the flip side, its all very easy to use.