Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another Plat House surfaces in Texas

Once again a house built by one of our customers resurfaces after it is done - a surprise Plat House!

This Plat House was built outside of Austin, Texas - and yes, that makes three Plat Houses in the Austin area and the surrounding hill country. The owner made extensive changes to the stock design, some which you can see in the photos. There is a large window wall in the main living space and the recess between the kitchen and living room has been closed in. They have used a stone facing on large portions of the walls, and the places with lap siding are a painted a terrific almost tropical green. The side overhangs are also modified, having a bit of a ranch country feel to them. All in all a fantastic Plat House. Click through to see a photo browser with more pictures.

Austin Plat House set at Flickr

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