Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ok Tray House - photos of complete house

Over this weekend I received a great batch of photos from the owner of the Oklahoma Tray House. The house is done, but for loose ends, they are moved in, somewhat settled, site work to finish, and some rooms begging some furniture. However they are in and enjoying the house which is the best news of all.

The owner seems clearly relieved that the trials of construction are over, well almost:

as far as landscape goes, our yard pretty much looks like something resembling the surface of the moon and afghanistan

more in a photo browser below the link:

The owner gave an account of their pleasure with the house that made me blush - so I'll share it with you here!

now allow me to comment on the house. we absolutely adore it. you've done such a great job designing a strikingly modern home that is practical, functional and relevant in today's world. the openness is superb. the sharp angles of the exterior stand out like a magnificent ship on the horizon. we love thIs house.......why on earth aren't at least 50% of homebuilders building LamiDesign homes? death to the mcmansions! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY TRAY HOUSE!

I could not have said it better myself! Well, enough gloating, please enjoy some of their photos below. They have sent a nice group of photos of the living, dining, and kitchen areas of the ground floor, and a range of night photos all around the house - look at those stars!


  1. House looks fantastic Greg, love all the wood!

  2. Congrats on being done and to such a nice home. I have to laugh about those exterior shots. It looks like you trapped the sun within that space. So bright, or your just good at cleaning windows. lol

  3. haha, yeah it appears that an alien craft landed in the living room! slow shutter speeds really amplified the ambient light!

    -luke, owner