Thursday, April 10, 2008

0738 Palo Alto - Done! Construction Prints available now

Construction Prints for the 0738 Spirit of Palo Alto House are done, ready for order, catalog page updated and ready to roll. Thank you everybody for your interest, and my apologies for the wait on this one.

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  1. I've already started to build this house- how can I post photos of the progress? Thanks!

  2. Great news!

    Several ways to post photos:
    -get a free flickr account and then you can add your photos to the LamiDesign House Plans group here:

    - post the photos to another photo hosting service like photo bucket or picassa and email me a link.

    - Or email me the photos and I will post them.

    Once images are available in one of these places I will post to the blog showing your progress.

  3. WWWests - if you want to post photos to your own blog then you can just upload photos using blogger, and it will store them in Picassa for you automatically.

    Just email me a picassa album link and I can make my own blog post here and link to your blog.

  4. Sorry to revive and old post, but did you ever get any finished shots of the Palo Alto house? I've always been a fan of the plans.

  5. I think there has been only one construction set that went out, and the customer did not stay in touch. General wisdom is that means it was not built, but you never know - I've been surprised later by several customers.