Sunday, February 03, 2008

Austin Porch House - Plat House comes into its own

Siding panels are going up on the Austin Porch House project and the big news is the progress of the Plat House. Last we saw a bunch of sticks going up - in the new set of photos from the owner it is now most certainly a house. Across their courtyard you can see the Plat House facing the Porch House. This has been one of the most innovative uses of our house plans to date. With the usual household program spread between the two structures the owners have created their own "village". The variety of spaces they will have available for family life will be very rich indeed. More photos after the jump link below. Here you can see the interesting pattern of siding they have chosen. It appears to be a smooth faced cement board siding panel, but laid up in varying exposures. This is a treatment you might often see on a traditional cedar shingle siding and its really great to see this reinterpreted in a contemporary material like cement siding and used here. Check out the Flickr set for this house where you can see all of the photos to date. And these photos are also part of theLamiDesign House Plan photo pool.

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  1. I love this house. We plan to build one ourselves and would love to see this one as we, too, live in Austin/Pflugerville.

    L.M. Gay
    Pflugerville, Texas

  2. Judy - email me and I'll pass it on to the owner. Then they can contact you if they wish, and their privacy remains intact.

  3. I am technically challenged (old lady syndrome)and unable to locate your email on your site. I would love to have my info passed on as I am sure those Austinites would enjoy showing off their lovely house, so I am open to any suggestions on how to contact you.

  4. This is a great house design... are there photos of the completed structure? Thanks! lychee353 (at) yahoo

  5. Not yet - I'm hoping the owner forwards some along.