Friday, November 03, 2006

Vermont Plat House - Another week's work

The main portion of the house is now mostly framed. Its always amazing how fast a good carpentry crew can move on the framing of a house. The framing has really moved along at the Vermont Plat House this week. The main volume of the house is nearly all framed up and the garage will be underway soon. Here is the back of the house, the side that faces the view and is open to outdoor living. Although greatly expanded it still clearly speaks Plat House. This is the entry side and the side of the house that you see as you approach. The high windows make for privacy, and allow for cross ventilation through the house. The garage and entry will be at the far end to the left side of the house. All photos are by the owner. Our sincere thanks to our customers who share their projects with us here.

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