Thursday, February 17, 2005

New name, same great taste!

Years after being introduced the 0242 Deck House gets a new name: The Plat House This design was posted on our site the day it went live in Nov 2002. It was a design I knew we were going to eventually develop into a stock plan so I decided to include a thumbnail sketch on the catalog page. But before I could post it a name had to be given. We did not take much time with it - something obvious - The Deck House! It has lots of deck space so great, that will do. I never really thought it was great, but it worked and so up it went. It also led to the precedent of naming the Porch House after its prominent feature - its screened porch. However early in 2005 in an effort to avoid any confusion with timberframe house manufacturer Deck House llc we have chosen a new name for this design. So to the dictionary and the thesaurus to do a little research. Platform was my first thought - shorten it to "Plat"? I checked the translator, deck from english to italian yeilded "piattaforma" - hmmm, german yielded "plattform". Into the dictionary for "Plat" and found n : a map showing planned or actual features of an area, and the thesaurus turned up Definition: map Synonyms: blueprint, diagram, graph, outline, plan, plat, plot, rough draft, scheme, sketch, table, tabulation I like that. I can live with that.

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