Wednesday, February 16, 2005

6040 House gets a Web Site!

A setback on the site approval but progress on the web site Good News! The official web site for the 6040 House has launched and you can see it right now: site no longer current The site has some interesting features. There is an interactive color picker which works in the same manner as many new car web sites where you can choose a color for various parts of the house and see it update live. There is also a 360 degree interactive model of the house so you can look at it from any angle. I have to clarify after reading some of the comments: I did not create the web site! This was done by a web author working for Northern Steel. I pitched in the artwork of the house, and the 360 piece, but all the rest is their work. And the bad news is our prototype site has fallen through, or more specifically defeated by an unsympathetic HOA. Northern felt it was better to back off than to build bad will with neighbors so we are back to looking for a site. There are several strong leads with potential customers right now so we are not sure if the original prototype will be the first in the ground. We'll see.


  1. I know I am commenting on an old listing but if anyone who has anything to do with this project gets this, Note! This is a direct path to the future, and I dont mean 20 years from now, Prefab is it and the look of industrial/modern is natural, I would love to be able to build this model 6040, with maybe some minimal changes...which would be common for the buyer...Someone needs to take this serious and run with it...In what direction and with who Im not sure but just do it!! I want one....

  2. Jax - keep reading. We've built the first house last winter - a year ago - and we have several more in the works. We have traction with this. Its happening.