Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Porch House Construction Prints details

Working my way through some details. When I detail for a stock plan one of my big priorities is making things straight forward to put together, using readily available products, and if something needs to me made special then making it a simple fabrication. So this week I have been working with a corner of the Porch House where everything comes together. At any corner of the house the porch perimeter beams sit on the foundation piers, the post comes down on top of them, and diagonal braces come in from two directions. Under other circumstances a steel connector would be designed which resolved all the connections, but with a stock plan destined to be built with varying budgets I have to try to detail to the lowest common denominator while still making a handsome connection. What's going on here. The perimeter beams are anchored down to the pier using conventional anchor bolts. The beam is connecting to the post with an inverted post cap connector from Simpson - the same kind is being used up top of the post as well. This connector has two vertical legs on each side of the post bolted thru with two 3/4" bolts. We are going to overlay that plate with an angle trimmed to serve as an anchor for the cleavis of our diagonal brace. This allows us to used the same bolts to attach this additional hardware. To bring the other diagonal brace in at the corner we have to have another angle offset in height so the bolts can cross without interference. The diagonal ties must be offset to the inside of the posts to allow them to pass the horizontal frames. A similar detail will resolve all the connections at the top of the post, and hopefully it will all look easy, and be easy to put together.

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