Friday, September 09, 2016

0380 Cube House upstairs family room

Well here it is, I don't know why we've waited so long to look at the Cube House's upstairs studio space, perhaps the most significant outcome of its interesting 2+3 story organization. If you recall the living room of this house is very high, with a story an a half space for a loft like living area. Above the living room is this studio space which is also a story and a half tall, and when combined with the living room equals the three stories on the other side of the house. So what do you do with this space? A kick-ass family room? A dancing or painting studio? Photography? You name it - its yours.


  1. I have always loved this design but am embarrassed to say that I just realized that this is intended for building on a basement! I think this design really lends itself to costal/Southern climates. I would love to see variations based on a slab foundation with attached garage with mechanicals in garage and as a piling/stilt house design with ground level covered parking and a 1st story workshop space and mechanicals area. Not a builder, just a dreamer...

    1. Chris, It could be easily built on a slab, but the kind of ground level parking you are describing would really not work unless you had the allowed height to build what would become almost 4 stories above grade. In some coastal areas where the allowable height is measured off the flood elevation this can be possible.