Thursday, February 11, 2010

starting a remodern movement from one shirtless dancing guy

I've often gone on here on the blog about the "ReModern Movement", my own play on words from the title given to the original Modern Movement. Its been meant to identify the more recent resurgence in popularity of modern style homes. It has not become much easier to get a modern home lately, but activity in the housing market has at least recognized that yes, there is demand there, and there are people wanting and waiting for a modern house. Putting a name to it - ReModern Movement - just makes it easier to package the idea when you have to explain it to other people.

So we have a movement! Well I came across this little video today, from a music festival, and used by Derek Sivers during his TED Talk to explain the dynamic of creating a movement. Lets watch:

So the shirtless wiggling guy, willing to make a fool of himself. That's me, and other pioneers in marketing of modern home designs in a climate where every builder & self proclaimed expert on houses will tell you nobody wants a house like that.

And the first follower? Thats you. And the other people who have gotten plans, and built houses, and exposed all their friends and families to a new idea of what a home can be like. Its eye-opening to them. They think you might be a little bit crazy too. But pretty soon your house is in a magazine, or newspaper, or on a tv show, and your friends are trying to get enough courage together to jump up and join the early adopters.

So keep dancing. Welcome the new adopters as equals, and welcome their friends. We are nearly a crowd, I'm telling you!


  1. Awww, man. I wanted to be the wiggling, shirtless guy.

  2. Ok - you be the wiggling guy and I'll be the first follower.

  3. The more I think about this the more I think you are right. This is about the home builders. You are the leaders, and the first followers. Not just one of you, but each of you building a modern home in your community, both physical and your virtual communities of friends and acquaintances that are aware of your home.

    I've got a different leader/follower world whereby I've inspired other architects to publish house plans, or simply challenge the status quo via home designs. My first followers are more likely FreeGreen, or Hometta, other designers doing great things with modern house plans and displacing more ho-hum housing and giving modern fans more options.