Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We went, We spoke, 300 listened

It actually happened, Greg spoke at Ignite Philly 4 on Tuesday night, 13 October. With 300 people in attendance it was probably the most eyes and minds ever thinking about modern house plans at the same moment!

The short format of the talks is a great challenge to force you to get to the essence of the idea you are presenting. We got a great reception from what was obviously a thoughtful crowd. What would you expect from a room full of people who came out on a Tuesday night to listen to people talk about ideas! The other speakers were just great and inspirational and the entire experience very uplifting. If you ever have an opportunity to present what you do at a venue like this by all means take advantage of it.

Videos of the event are to be forthcoming and we will post them when they surface. In the meantime there is a great review of the night on the Technically Philly Blog (photos above via Technically Philly). Thanks to the organizers for such a great venue and thank you to all that came to listen.

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