Wednesday, June 04, 2008

0857 L House - first look standing inside

The model is nearly all roughed out - stairs, kitchen, bathrooms next. The living/dining room space. click below for an additional image.. The upstairs hall, overlooks the living space, and takes light in from above. The L House is part of the Zeitgeist Plan Group.

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  1. This has a nice feel and look of techtonics. I like the drawings. I'm wondering how difficult it will be to keep that same feel once an engineer takes a look at the connections. Keep us updated.

  2. As a drawing it still has a long way to go, but the model is far enough along that you can start to infer about the space. That's why I left the "model as object" view of the previous posts, and took a more experiential point of view in these.

    The connections? Well I have a good relationship with my engineer and a great faith in Simpson Strong Tie!