Thursday, January 03, 2008

will explain later

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  1. are these done in sketchup? or maybe vectorworks? nice.

  2. Yup, sketchup. Use it often and on everything, sort of like... ketchup..!

    You are near Phila? Where are you?

  3. Nice work, off this topic. I would like to work with you in the future on your U-house project. My brother is a recently finished his Architecture years, and we are looking to design/build to projects. Your U-house, as well as a self contained IBU project that functions as a temporary structure that is prefabbed to build out on site, and possibly unbuilt, and stored back in the container to move again. kind of like your post on the way swedish homes are being constructed with a hint of IKEA flatPaking within the IBU. I can send you some sketchups (Ketchup!) of the ideas.

    Thanks for your commitment and ability to continue to innovate the houses we call home!


    Wash DC

  4. That single 40' flat container design that I've shown on this blog and used in the competition could function as you describe. The bay window units ship laying flat inside the box, when it arrives on site they are tilted up, bolted down in place in a bed of sealant. You could knock the bays back out and ship it again easily.

  5. very good work!
    sketchup style is very nice ;-)