Monday, April 18, 2005

6030 House floor plans

in progress floor plans of the 6030 House design The plans are still evolving each day. Most of the design decisions have been made but technological issues of the building system shove the plan around a bit each day as things are studied in more detail. The design is a melding of the 6040 House prototype plan and the 6040 House design study plan. If you compare the three of them you will see what I mean. The ground floor eliminates one parking space in the garage, and moves the master bedroom upstairs. This leaves a good amount of living space on the ground floor, and breaks it down into areas of different volume and light quality. Upstairs the master bedroom remains a large suite with a master bathroom with potential to be very luxurious. Along with the other bedrooms these spaces form a buffer between the master bedroom and the public side of the house. Perhaps the most interesting part of this design is the porch room on the upper level. This is a modern 3 season room brought into the volume of the house. From here it can take in a great view or be up among the trees. An alternate living room it greatly expands the living space of the house and still leaves the areas below with a high ceiling. This very rough section shows the vertical relationship of these rooms. The ability to create voluminous spaces like this affordably lies with the EcoSteel building system.

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  1. hermoso diseño.
    podria adaptarse acá en el desierto de Atacama.

  2. Gracias por su comentario, pero usted realmente necesitaría un garage como esto en el Atacama?